CW Ward and Son the parent company of Solano Scooters was established in 1975 as a family business (partnership). We started in a little gas station on Main Street doing auto repair and selling gas.

CW, my father had been  employed with the local Chevrolet dealership for 25 years before we started our family business. We purchased 3 small ads in the local newspaper and have been busy since then.

My wife Judy and I purchased the rest of my family”s interest in CW Ward and Son in 2002 and became CW Ward and Son LLC.

I have always loved motorcycles and haved wanted to start a scooter/small motorcycle dealership for a long time. I became even more interested when the price of fuel started going up as far back as 2002. After traveling around the European Union with my wife and daughter in 2007 I decided to go for it. We talked a lot about how wasteful we Americans are and someday we will have to start conserving energy and resources like the rest of the world.

Working with the state of New Mexico and trying to find suppliers took almost a year. Importers were selling everything they could get their hands on so opening up new dealers was not important to them. I found a couple in the spring and summer and received my Dealers license in September 2008. For the record thats when someone turned the lights out to the powersports industry. Gas prices fell like a rock and the federal government decided we were in a deep recession.  Needless to say sales were very bleak that year.

We continued to have a good out look and we had CW Ward and Son LLC as our main business. The next year was very good and business is picking up every month.

So whats our plan for the future—-Over the next 10 years or so we want Solano Scooters to grow into a premier scooter/small motorcycle/alternative transportation center. Even though I have been in the automotive industry my entire life I realize we are in for a change in the United States. Change can be good.

Our goal it to treat every scooter customer the same way we treat our auto repair customers. My father always said treat them like you would want your wife, mother or daughter treated. —So far it worked. 35+ years in business must say something.