Scooters are the fastest-growing segment of the two-wheeled market. There are many reasons scooters are becoming so popular. Here are a few:

Scooters get GREAT gas mileage! Many models get over 100 MPG. Most get over 60. Imagine filling up at the pump and paying $5-6, and that lasting you a week or more! Calculate how much you’ll save here.

Scooters are GREEN! Because of their efficiency, they release far less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than cars. They also use far fewer resources in manufacturing. Some models pollute less than others, and some are electric with no exhaust at all!

Scooters are affordable! Compared to a car, or even a high-end bicycle, they’re very economical. They can be afforded by most, even in a tough economy. And fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs are very low!

Scooters are a great way to commute. It’s very hard to get off a scooter after a ride home and be in a bad mood, no matter how hard your day at work was on you. They’re easy to park and simple to maneuver around traffic. There are many accessories available to make carrying cargo simple. Scooter love the desert heat, so you can ride all year round!

Scooters are FUN! There’s nothing like feeling the breeze in your face and the freedom of tooling around the city on two wheels! A quick trip to the store becomes an adventure. Plus, they’re easy to operate. Almost all models have automatic transmissions, so you just twist the throttle and go!

Scooters are cool! They’ve been called “The Ultimate Fashion Accessory.” There are huge communities formed around the bikes and riding. It’s easy to find people in your community to go on rides with, or to discuss your scooter online.